Life in a Spacious Home - C1 floor pla

Life in a Spacious Home

Everyone deserves a living space that’s both functional and delightful. When it comes to blending these two qualities seamlessly, the C1 floor plan at our Alexan Park West community stands out in all its glory. With its thoughtfully designed layout and remarkable features, this floor plan promises a harmonious living experience. Live life in a spacious home at Alexan Park West.

Living in a Spacious Home

Imagine coming home to a space that surpasses your needs. With a sprawling 1,462 SF, the C1 floor plan is nothing short of spacious. Every inch of this floor plan ensures that you never feel cramped. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for friends or simply relaxing on a lazy Sunday, there’s plenty of room for every activity. The living room is expansive, allowing for versatile furniture placements, while the bedrooms promise serene, undisturbed retreats.

Life with A Rare Delight

It’s not often that you come across apartments that offer three bedrooms. The C1 floor plan breaks the norm, meeting all of the needs of its residents. So, if you work from home or simply need that extra space for a hobby room, the three-bedroom setup is a huge boon. What’s more, each bedroom maximizes comfort and privacy. Soft, natural light filters through, while the positioning ensures minimal noise intrusion.

A Home with Well-Appointed Bathrooms and More

The C1 floor plan features two bathrooms. Crafted with modern fixtures and a keen eye for detail, each bathroom perfects both form and function. The space allows ease of movement, and storage solutions ensure that all your essentials are within reach. And if that wasn’t enough to woo you, select homes in the C1 floor plan category come with an additional treat: a porch. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or unwinding in the evening with a book, all while soaking in the fresh air on your very own porch.

Live your life in a spacious home at Alexan Park West. Schedule a tour of our C1 floor plan today!