Luxury and Style in Abundance - C1 luxury three-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Luxury and Style in Abundance

Searching for the perfect place to call home can be quite a quest. Fortunately, our C1 floor plan at Alexan Park West makes the decision quite an easy one. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom layout spans an impressive 1,462 SF. It offers everything you need for an elevated lifestyle. It has luxury and style in abundance, and it has so in a way that is truly exceptional. Are you someone who brandishes a life full of luxuries? This floor plan has all the space and features you could ever desire.

Space in Abundance

The C1 floor plan at Alexan Park West stands out for its spacious layout and open-concept design. With a total area of 1,462 SF, this apartment feels incredibly roomy. The open-concept design connects the kitchen, dining, and living areas seamlessly. This setup is perfect for both relaxing and entertaining. The flow from one space to another makes the apartment feel even larger. Modern appliances and sleek countertops in the kitchen enhance the sense of luxury. Large windows throughout the living area let in plenty of natural light. It makes the space bright and inviting. The open layout not only looks stylish but also creates a practical living environment.

Luxury and Comfort

The C1 floor plan has three roomy bedrooms and two elegant bathrooms. Each bedroom has enough space for your furniture and personal touches. The primary bedroom comes with its own bathroom, adding luxury and convenience. The other two bedrooms are also spacious and stylish. They are great for guests, family, or even a home office. The bathrooms have high-quality fixtures and finishes. They offer a stylish and comfortable experience every time you enter. These bedrooms and bathrooms offer a perfect mix of comfort and elegance.

A Porch for Extra Style Points

Select homes in the C1 floor plan come with a private porch. It is a unique feature that only adds to the already upscale life inside our walls. This outdoor area is perfect for relaxing at home. It’s an ideal place for morning coffee, winding down after work, or entertaining friends. The private porch extends your living space outside. It creates a calm and relaxing environment whenever the need arises. It adds to the spacious and luxurious feel of your home. Even if you don’t use it all the time, having this option adds a special touch to your lifestyle.

The C1 floor plan at Alexan Park West caters to all your needs for a stylish and upscale lifestyle. It features a large area with an open-concept design. It also has comfortable bedrooms, elegant bathrooms, and a private porch on select homes. Also, it offers everything required for luxury living. Every detail is thoughtful, elegant, and practical. Enjoy the best of upscale living in a community that understands your needs. This isn’t just an apartment; it’s a home you’ll be proud to call your own. Our C1 floor plan here at Alexan Park West has luxury and style in abundance. Secure a lease of our luxury homes today!