Professional Productivity Zone - business people wearing santa hat celebrating 2019 new year christmas presents at office

Professional Productivity Zone

Balancing work and celebrations at Alexan Park West is an easy task. As we gear up for the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to spotlight one of our standout amenities – the remote work center. It’s a hub of creativity and connection, designed to meet all your remote work needs. Staying productive has never been this convenient. Take a closer look at our professional productivity zone!

For Professional Meetings

Our conference room is a key part of the remote work center. It’s ready for all sorts of business meetings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big presentation or a team chat, you’ll find what you need here. As the holiday season is at its peak, it’s also perfect for planning work parties or talks. This space keeps you on track and looking professional, even when it’s festive around. It’s a great place to bring people together for work and holiday planning.

Space for Personal Productivity

Looking for a quiet place to focus or have a small meeting? Our work nooks and meeting spaces are just right for this. They’re peaceful, so you can work without interruptions. When it’s busy around the holidays, these spots are even more helpful. They’re like a quiet haven for working, planning your holidays, or just taking a break from the hustle and bustle. These areas are especially nice for a moment of quiet during the festive but busy season.

A Zone to Collaborate and Create

If you need to work together with others, our group lounge seating is the best place. It’s cozy and great for working with teammates or friends on group tasks. With a WiFi printer close by, printing work papers, holiday cards, or party invites is easy. This area gets really lively during holiday times, building a feeling of togetherness and cooperation. It’s a great spot for mixing work with a bit of festive fun. Also, it’s a nice place to meet new people while working on shared projects or just enjoying a casual chat.

Our remote work center offers you a convenient and professional productivity zone. Sign up for updates on tours and pre-leasing at Alexan Park West today!